New Products Group cares about environmental safety


New Products Group prioritizes the preservation of the environment and compliance with the law. In accordance with the Ukrainian environmental legislation, the company has begun an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure. The purpose of the EIA is the official confirmation that the enterprise does not have a negative impact on the ecology of the region in which the production facilities are located, and is carried out in compliance with all modern world production standards.

The report on scheduled inspection was published on October 25, 2018 on the official website of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine: . This link provides you with all the details of the ATS procedure at New Products Group plant in Zhashkiv as well as comments and suggestions in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is carried out in order to detect and predict the degree of environmental, biological and social impact of any type of planned economic activity on the state of the environment and public health. This newest European methodology operates in almost all developed countries, and on December 18, 2017 was introduced in this country simultaneously with the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment”.

The capacities of New Products Group are built on the historical site of a food factory located in the city of Zhashkiv, Cherkasy region, in accordance with all environmental, sanitary and construction standards. The facility uses the best available technology in the field of beverage production, and is constantly modernizing its equipment. The company conscientiously cares about maintaining the balance between the use and renewal of natural resources in the area, which is famous for its unique natural resources and wildlife. The water intake of the enterprise consists of 9 wells in the Zhashkiv artesian pocket, which is operated within the limits of the calculated and approved groundwater reserves. Also, the state and quality of artesian water, discharge of runoff water, emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources are regularly monitored, and resource-valuable waste is recycled.

“We are a modern European company, so one of the basic principles of our development strategy is environmental awareness and responsibility. New Products Group makes every effort to ensure the proper quality of equipment and technology that is required by environmental specialists and considers it necessary to inform the general public about it. Fundamentally important is the environmental control by state bodies over the activities of all production enterprises, since this allows us to prevent technogenic pollution, instead of dealing with its consequences after the fact. Thus, despite its industrial development, we can help our country remain one of the greenest and most beautiful parts of Europe, as it was described by eyewitnesses in the pre-industrial era,” commented Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

We remind you that in the fourth quarter of 2017, New Products Group adequately passed the verification of compliance with the environmental legislation of Ukraine, which was carried out at once by several regulatory bodies: the State Environmental Inspectorate in the Cherkasy region, the State Geology and Subsoils Service of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Labour Office of the Cherkasy region.

The results of the EIA of the enterprise and official expert findings will be reported soon.