New Products Group brands supported Kyiv Law&Trade Forum


On May 15, an event took place at the IQ Business Center that brought together corporate lawyers, defense lawyers, financiers and businessmen in one place – the Kyiv Law&Trade Forum. This event built strong bridges of dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation between the defenders of the law, consulting companies, the banking sector and the international commerce market.

Kyiv Law&Trade Forum was supported by New Products Group brands – Pryrodne Dzherelo mineral water, energy drink PIT BULL X and EatMe bars. Throughout the day, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy high-quality Ukrainian products which have already become an example of European quality, having established themselves on the Ukrainian market as successful leading products from an eco-responsible manufacturer.

The event attracted 40 speakers – experts in the field of international trade and currency regulation. Among the 300 participants were leading defense lawyers and corporate lawyers, government officials and businessmen. Honorable members of international organizations – USAID, the European Union Delegation to Ukraine, the International Trade Center, the World Trade Organization, the American Chamber of Commerce, and others – also were present at the Kyiv Law&Trade Forum. Discussions and professional talks lasted for more than 9 hours.

“Substantive dialogue between the government and business in modern Ukrainian reality is extremely important. If we strive to build a competitive, economically strong country, these two factions must consolidate their efforts and act together. Our products were designed to relax the atmosphere, to please the participants, to make their stay at the event more comfortable, and at the same time to demonstrate what modern Ukrainian products can look like if you make an effort, have aspiration and motivation. After all, our success is also largely a result of the ability to build relationships, cooperate, find interested partners and like-minded people”, – commented Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

Thirst prevents free communication, and the healthiest way to restore hydration balance in the heat of speeches and discussions is Pryrodne Dzherelo mineral water. This product is extracted from an artesian well in the environmentally clean town of Zhashkiv in the Cherkasy region, undergoes a multi-stage filtration process and is intended for daily consumption.

If you lack the strength to generate and formulate important thoughts, the new energy drink PIT BULL X with a refreshing citrus accent and the power of caffeine, taurine and vitamins will help them to quickly replenish. Guests of the Kyiv Law&Trade Forum had the chance try the new drink and feel inspired to express themselves freely and defend their positions of principle.

Treats contribute to mental processes, but it is important that they do not harm health. EatMe natural fruit-and-nut bars consist of only healthy ingredients – nuts, berries and dried fruits – and are approved by the Ukrainian Nutritionists Association as a healthy snack. This small sweet reward for fruitful work and promising business acquaintances awaited the participants of the Kyiv Law&Trade Forum.