New Products Group brands got involved in the popular #BottleCapChallenge


This summer will undoubtedly be remembered for the epic sensation that is the new social media flashmob – #BottleCapChallenge. The whole world went crazy for unscrewing bottle caps! The brands of New Products Group, which build communication with their audience through the current language of popular memes, ended up featured in some of the videos made by their fans and friends, including famous ones.

The other day, the Instagram accounts of MamaRika and Pavlo Zibrov featured videos in which the Ukrainian artists decided to test their #BottleCapChallenge skills with a bottle of the “Pryrodne Dzherelo” mineral water. In MamaRika’s video, she knocks it out of the park, as well as the cap from bottle of her vis-a-vis, in order to get the refreshing sip. “Mama channels Van Damme”, commented the singer on her spectacular “knockout”. Pavlo Zibrov, in his incomparable style, unscrews the cap from the family-sized package with one powerful stroke of his legendary mustache. “I watched and watched this challenge, and couldn’t stay away anymore! This is how you open bottles, guys!”, the pop maestro proudly summed up his trick.

The undeniable leaders in social media trolling among the New Products brands are undoubtedly the characters of the REVO brand – the eccentric Cosmonaut and Can. In the second season of their energy-charged adventures, they are trying to become popular bloggers, so these days riding a wave of a current trend is their holy duty. The video for #BottleCapChallenge turned out in their signature style: The Cosmonaut knocks an invisible cap off a tin can, and then a close-up captures the immortal slogan: “One shot – one hit!”

The flashmob thematically intersected with another spectacular project that was recently announced by the PIT BULL brand – the PIT BULL Fight wrestling show, where MMA fighters compete in an underground octagon. The #BottleCapChallenge was picked up participant Vlada Kukharenko, who easily “conquered” a bottle of PIT BULL with “one left kick”. This is very symbolic, because originally the world-famous challenge was launched by MMA fighters in order to compete in skill and precision. The idea was to unscrew the cap with a round kick without touching the bottle itself. After the famous UFC fighter Max Holuey, musician John Mayer, film actor Jason Stathem and other stars joined the competition, Instagram became flooded with videos where famous personalities and ordinary users cleverly parodied this concept.


“Our brands always sensitively react to what their target audience is passionate about and what is on trend. BottleCapChallenge was no exception. We are fortunate that among our consumers and friends there are opinion leaders who can build up the loyalty of the general public without any special effort on our part. But this is not just “luck”, but the result of long painstaking work: firstly, on product quality, secondly, on the way and channels of communication that help establish an emotional connection and maintain common interests with the public. Many projects that helped us build such attractive images of our products were invented and implemented in close cooperation with our old partner, #ODDEE”, – said Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.