New Products Group and the brand PRYRODNE DZHERELO supported the conference Welcome to Fridn.World


The team of New Products Group always keeps their finger on the pulse of the new developments in technology and tries to follow the revolutionary discoveries in the world. Cryptocurrencies should be considered one of such revolutionary discoveries of mankind – in fact, to some extent they are an alternative financial reality, protected from crises and counterfeit, although it seems impossible in the modern digital world.

On July 6, in the conference hall of the Kyiv President Hotel, with the support of the crystal clear mineral water PRYRODNE DZHERELO™ from New Products Group, the Welcome to Fridn. World conference was held, which introduced a completely new ecosystem that will allow people not just to use cryptocurrency, but to earn assets, making a useful contribution to themselves and their self-development.

The program manifesto of Fridn on the official website reads: “The most important influence we have as human beings are the contributions we make to creating a better world. The Fridn ecosystem tracks these contributions, the effectiveness of our actions as healthy and constructive members of society, thereby transforming them into cryptoassets. Ecosystem Fridn responds to the challenges of modern-day civilization. If tomorrow, the human workforce is replaced by one that is digitized or robotized, what will we do? We have the answer, and that is to dedicate our time to personal development while at the same time making a profit. The Fridn ecosystem is your answer to a healthy, efficient and prosperous future”.

Fridn is a global organization with a central office in New York and local offices around the world. The system will allow you to earn cryptoassets by remotely studying science and foreign languages, for jogging in the park or even for abiding by traffic rules – and then spend the money you earned on a special trading platform.

“For us, it is very important that Fridn is not just a modern financial project, but an entire ecosystem that cares about creating a new conscious society. Such priorities as leading a healthy lifestyle and gaining new knowledge are aligned with our ideas about the bright future of mankind and, of course, are in tune with our brand PRYRODNE DZHERELO. That’s why we were happy to support the Fridn event”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

Undoubtedly, the crystal clear mineral water PRYRODNE DZHERELO™, which is extracted from an artesian spring in an ecologically clean Ukrainian city of Zhashkiv, must become the best friend and partner of anyone who cares about self-improvement and aspires to have a bright future. Before being bottled, the water passes through multistage filtration that also preserves all the useful minerals.