New Products GC launches an EatMe video-clip series


February through May 2016 the Ukrainian televised and internet space will be airing video-clips on the three varieties of the EatMe nut-fruit bars – a New Products Group of Companies’ brand. By doing so the company is looking to introduce the product to the mass consumer market. EatMe bars include only natural ingredients, so the advertising campaign is made to convey this information to a wide range of people.

The EatMe brand promotion campaign will beheldin 4 stages. As conceived by the authors of the video stories – creative team of New Products Group, LimeLite productions and VGNC agency – each video-clip is a featurette involving fabulous little animals depicted on the bar wrapper. The first animation clip will be ‘introduced’ by the creature called Meercat.  The second and third stages will feature EatMe ‘introductions’ by Raccoon and Squirrel. The promotion campaign will close with a video-clip, which will combine the descriptions of all 3 EatMe bar flavors.

The promotion campaign developers had faced a fairly complicated task. They had to create a video story catching eye of the consumer target audience as a whole. With its range being really broad. “We have created video-clips which will be clear for people of various age categories and social status. Hopefully, these charming animation video stories will take a liking both with the young and adult audiences,”says Elena Selyutina, New Products GC PR-director.