New Adventures of the Cosmonaut and REVO Can: following plot of the web-series together!


A unique cross-media project in support of the limited version of REVO™ – a web-series about the adventures of Cosmonaut and the REVO Can – continues! The fantastic multi-energy blockbuster from New Products Group will be released during a period of a few months, with new episodes coming out about every two weeks, the first three episodes of which can now be viewed on the Youtube channel Revoenergydrink.

In each episode, the sharp-tongued and completely “off its rocker” character REVO Can help its modest, shy friend the Cosmonaut to find out-of-the-ordinary solutions to seemingly desperate situations, so that he can go on a date with the girl of his dreams. Right now, in the new episode “Chapter 3: Hip-Cop”, our heroes appear seated in a police car because they boldly “saddled” the gyro-gopnik and rode him, and now they are going to fine REVO for “bad canguage” (by the way, the Can be voiced by the famous battle MC and rapper Mytee Dee – it’s something else!). There is no doubt that the explosive pair will get out of it this time, overcoming all obstacles and coming out of the bind with aces up their sleeves, because the REVO Can, as always, passes on to his friend its own courage, audacity, creativity and maximum drive!

“We are pleased that the series turned out exactly as we planned it – funny, witty and explosive, like REVO™ itself. The main thing is that with each episode the audience empathizes with the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can more and more”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

We remind you that New Products Group launched this cross-media project on the Internet to support a new limited version of REVO™, which appeared on the market in mid-June. This low-alcohol energy drink with a new explosive orange and strawberry flavor with the addition of a “special ingredient”, black pepper, was released in a unique can, which in itself is an art piece in the style of pop-art. The comic-bookish can with an aluminum helmet reflects the history of the legendary REVO commercial, whose main character is, in fact, the Cosmonaut.