Nazar Stasiuk: “Beer loves those who come back for it”. Interview with Nazar Stasiuk, Chief Technologist of New Brew for the magazine “World of Products”


The beer not only won’t drink itself, it won’t brew itself! Therefore, there is such a rare and exotic profession as a brewer – a specialist who combines the creative skills of an “artist of tastes” with an all-round expertise in the exact sciences. Nazar Stasiuk, Сhief Technologist of New Brew brewery, has told about his creative and responsible profession for the December issue of the specialized magazine “World of Products”.

Nazar completed his specialized education, became an employee of a well-known Ukrainian brewing company at the age of 18, and at the age of 20 he was already developing new flavours and recipes of beer in his position of junior technologist. Soon after, falling into a routine, the talented young man decided to take a break in his profession, and then he faced an adventure that defined the next steps of his life…

Currently Nazar is experiencing a special moment: since 2019 he is the chief technologist at a unique enterprise – a modern craft brewery, focused on popularizing quality beer among a wide audience of Ukrainians, so gives the young, but already experienced specialist a wide field for creativity to achieve this strategic goal. Nazar was at the origin of the new brainchild, so it is reasonable to say that a huge part of new products’ success belongs to him.

“Last year we concluded with a production figure of +40%. The next year we plan to double the volume of production. So, these are new challenges. And I find them interesting because they inspire you to get out of your comfort zone as well as to seek something new. Anyway, challenges are a necessary component of growth for me, in particular, and in my profession. Therefore, I look at challenges not as problems, but as new opportunities. In this regard, my views coincide with the company’s vision” – noted the expert.

A meteoric career path, never-ending self-improvement, the peculiarities of the profession of a brewer in general and brewing technologies at the New Brew new generation plant this material will be interesting to anyone who has ever dreamt of mastering this noble profession or is simply a fan of this beer drink with the delicious aroma of bread grain and human labour!