Myths and truths about energy drinks from trustworthy source for


Some products have long been an integral part of human culture. However, some of them have also become the subject of many years of debate. Rumors, gossip and various myths have not subsided around them for a long time. Among such products are energy drinks.

However, as Paracelsus said, there are no useful or harmful substances it’s all about dosage. Consuming caffeinated beverages is appropriate and even useful if you follow certain recommendations. The advice should not come from a well-meaning neighbour, or even a powerful person, but from leading scientists.

Oleksandr Kushch, a sports medicine doctor, nutritionist, therapist, expert in the development of the Single Fitness Standard of Ukraine and a participant in the “Consume Sensibly” initiative, wrote a column for the online media, where he discusses energy drinks in terms of history, biology, and organic chemistry. He even touches on modern “mythology”, and most importantly on consumption in terms of moderation and common sense. It states a specific limit of use, touches on the compatibility of caffeinated products, explains the mechanism of action and refutes some misconceptions about the issue.

So how many drinks can you drink to not harm your health, and also to benefit from it? “I would recommend drinking energy drinks with breaks. At the same time without combining them with alcohol, and pre-calculating the amount of caffeine consumed in total per day. And be sure to supplement them with a meal. And also, make sure you constantly monitor your well-being”, the author rightly summed up.

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