MUVIKI – a new sketch format from the residents of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”


The comedy show “POREVO” is developing and launching new formats within the project. After episode №5 of the standup show, the audience was offered a novelty – a sketch show MUVIKI! The first episode appeared on the official YouTube channel on August 20.

“The concept of ‘entertainment’ is naturally based on the idea of ‘variety’. We need a dynamic changing of the picture and an element of surprise, while the presence of the absurd an surreal seems to be the cherry on the cake. This is all about our MUVIKI witty little “movies” with a duration less than a minute, which does not make you bored and you can’ t wait for a new portion!”, – commented Elena Selutina, Communications Director of New Products Group, producer of the energy drink REVO™.

MUVIKI presents short stories with special guests. At the beginning we are inspired by our old friends Evgen Leshchenko, Ivan Barbul and Bogdan Pysmenko, whereas Andriy Rybak and Lyubka Gubka join this very merry company. The first episode brings together five crazy plots:

  1. TikTok-lover Evgen Leshchenko is getting his trendy nails from 3rd-degree locksmith Ivan Barbul, but he faces a cruel prank.
  2. The “killing” Tinder-surprise by Andriy Rybak teaches that love is always in the air and never drowns.
  3. Evgen Leshchenko and Ivan Barbul’s new romantic adventure: to give or not to give? The main thing is to keep protection in mind!
  4. Bogdan Pysmenko calls the spirits, but they seem to have problems with spirituality. Don’t wake the hell up!
  5. Andriy Rybak and Lyubka Gubka are performing a a Parisian scene. But what for one is a delight, to another is mourning…

The REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO” premiered on June 3. A bright set of comedians’ standup performances, mixed with fun sketches and truly REVOlutionary drinks, are available on the channel twice a month. The strategic goal of the project is to occupy cultural territory, develop a media platform, create its own community, raise the level of Ukrainian standup and fix a niche under the REVO brand.

In general, “POREVO” is planned as a global project with two main areas of focus and content formats: 1) Standup – the search and selection of talented standup comedians, organization and filming of performances, presentation of artists to the general public; 2) Sketches – searching, testing and creating entertainment formats with comedians and guest influencers. So greet MUVIKI – equally funny and hilarious, but not from the scene, but from the shooting stage, where small stories with great potential are born!