MMA vs. Boxing, Millennial vs. Zoomer: the Second Fight of Pit Bull Fight III


On Sunday, April 11, the second battle of the spectacular Pit Bull Fight III came out. A young mobile boxer Artem Khan with an extremely strong right punch burst into the octagon, as well as his opponent, Dmitry Orlov – a representative of MMA, and a cold-blooded master of painful maneuvers. A big difference in experience. A big difference in disciplines. An interesting balance of power. A beautiful and technical fight of two pros!

Artem Khan is from Mykolaiv, and he is a master of sports and champion of Ukraine in boxing. Possesses expressive leadership qualities, usually sets the pace of the fight and occupies the centre of the ring. At the age of 19, he managed to fight in about 200 amateur fights! And it is not surprising, because the guy has been in sports from age 11, training under the guidance of his older brother and coach. The decorated fighter Dmitry Orlov, who started in combat sambo, is 32 years old. International Master of Sports in Combat Sambo, Master of Sports in MMA, International Master of Sports in Combat Jiu-Jitsu. In the ring, he likes both boxing and wrestling. Wins quietly, without a fuss.

From the first seconds, Artem Khan, out of habit, rushed to attack. Light controlled movements, dense high-quality blows, the hail of which the opponent imprudently misses. However, Dmitry Orlov is unwavering in the goal of putting the boxer onto the floor and inflicting his favourite painful blows, so the lion’s share of the fight takes place in a struggle that slowly but surely exhausts Artem Khan. In the second round, the boxer is no longer as fresh, so Dmitry Orlov takes over the initiative. The culmination is Khan’s high-amplitude throw to the floor: from that moment on, Orlov simply systematically finishes his opponent with a blow to the head, leaving him no chance to get up. And although Dmitry does not win the victory with his signature “triangle” technique, which the opponent successfully withstood, it is his glove that ultimately rises in triumph.

On April 14, Wednesday, a new portion of adrenaline awaits the audience. Andrey Novozhenya, World Kickboxing Champion, and Ruslan Tkachuk, Ukrainian Thai Boxing Champion, are meeting in the ring. Both fighters are representatives of the eastern region of our country, so flirty curtsies are not in their style. This is going to be rough!

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