Mega-multi-energy REVO-blockbuster inspires fans to explode in creativity


A unique cross-media project in support of the new limited version of REVO™, the web-series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can, has reached its equator. The 4th and 5th episodes of 8 came out on the Youtube channel Revoenergydrink. However, it is quite possible that the public will demand a continuation, and the series will continue in the second season, as it is already clear that the series has found its target audience.

Modesty and shyness are very nice traits, of course, but they interfere terribly with life and achieving your goals. They are the pitfall of the main character of the series, the Cosmonaut (who is also the main character of the legendary REVO™ commercial, and is depicted on the unique collectors’ can of the limited REVO™ range). If you only knew the obstacles the Cosmonaut has to overcome to go on a date with the girl of his dreams! And if not for his best friend – the REVO Can – the Cosmonaut, who hides from life inside his spacesuit, would not think to resist, and would have already refused his dream a hundred times. But the REVO Can shares his best qualities with him – courage, wit, resourcefulness, creativity, and the ability to approach any situation with humor. Also, he will give you a charge of energy that would be strong enough to launch you into space.

Right after the mad couple gets out of the cops’ “embrace” (here the REVO Can, voiced by the famous rapper Mytee Dee, engages in a lit rap battle with the policemen), our heroes are being chased by giant enraged animals right in the center of Kyiv… And even buying a bouquet for a date turns into an adventure . “Hold the dough, we’ll solve this wet question, bro” – in pronouncing yet another aphorism, the Can once again establishes that he has the upper hand in any situation and helps the Cosmonaut get out of trouble.

Just as the legendary drink REVO™ contains double the fun of an alcoholic and an energy drink in one bottle, the power of the series is also double-sided. On the one hand, it’s light fun humor, and on the other hand it professes the victorious philosophy of REVO™: go your own way, laugh at the problems, and jokingly overcome obstacles in order to achieve big goals, play by your own rules, while inventing them right in the middle the game…

It is not surprising that this concept evokes an excited response among fans. Inspired by the blockbuster and its heroes, one of the fans of REVO™ created an entire collection of cool stickers for Telegram. “YOU OWE ME REVAS!”, “In our parts, it’s not allowed to ride hyrogopnik without a license”. “Let’s hang?”… The collection of stickers can be downloaded here and with their help “hit the target” – that is, any conversation partner – with one touch of a finger. All according to the REVO™ motto: “One shot – one hit”.

We remind you that the mini-series about the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can is a unique cross-media project which New Products Group launched in support of the new limited version of REVO™. The low-alcohol energy drink with the new trendy flavour of orange, strawberry and black pepper became available in June in a unique can in the style of pop-art.