Make way for the clever tongues! REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO” presents the new format – an open mic


“POREVO” is always an openness to the piquancy and exciting in a new way. Welcome the new format of REVOlutionary standup club – an open mic! Sensitive to vibration, frank to intonation – henceforth this object of peculiar form is available to the most tongued.

In the episode №1, the audience’s attention is captured by three hot newcomers: Vlad Berkovsky, Albert Lalayan and Vova Litovchuk. The always brilliant and charismatic Ivan Barbul supports the guys between performances and еntertains the audience.

  • Vlad Berkovsky. A young comedian with an unexpectedly worthwhile arsenal of jokes and remarkable acting skills. His arachnophobic sketch interestingly highlights the issue of divine providence. If Vlad is “Made in the Image of God” – then the creator has an excellent sense of humor!
  • Albert Lalayan. His naive face and charming smile… Scenes of casual interaction with persons of the opposite sex, up to and including mosquito females – such a stream of consciousness flows from the scene, occupied by this exotic self-ironic chubby guy.
  • Vova Litovchuk. If you want to see a perfect poker face and hear a great Ukrainian, it’s all in the third part of the open mic. And once again about faith. The experience of being in the bosom of the church left an indelible impression on this hero’s heart. Just listen to the benefits of faith from a guy who has written three courseworks on Satanism.

We remind you that one of the main strategic tasks of REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO” as a new platform for the development of Ukrainian stand-up scene is the promotion of young comedians. The open mic format is one of the most effective ways for a beginner to pump up his or her skills, as well as to find and gain an audience!