Love Is… REVO. The energetic brand entertained the “domesticated” audience with a series of amorous video sketches


Responding to events in a flash and responding to them with humor is what REVO™ is all about. The “on-point” brand has proven that spring is a time of love, regardless of where we are situated. A selection of fun video sketches depicting spicy amorous situations was recently released in support of the new limited edition energy drink REVO Love Is. The creative partners of New Products Group – #ODDEE agency – helped to create and implement the idea.

“Spring has blossomed, the new REVO Love Is has just hit the shelves, and our energetic audience is stuck in their homes without the opportunity to flirt in person, walk hand in hand and fall madly in love. We felt we urgently needed to do something to raise morale. This is how the idea of ​​these situations appeared, which would show funny attempts to adapt to this new reality through the prism of youthful desire. With the help of the sketches, we managed to encourage and consolidate the audience, revive online communication in the comments and, perhaps, even join someone’s hearts remotely, – said Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

In total, three series of sketches “Love Is… REVO” were released: “Bring each other joy at a distance”, “Create a family photo album”, and “Kiss her on the lips”. All of them are short, on point, and illustrate absurd life situations familiar to everyone. Love pranks, domestic laziness, treacherous gadgets, and ubiquitous relatives – a brief overview of the quarantine situations in these three witty stories. The videos have been posted on the official YouTube channel revoenergydrink and on the brand’s social media pages.

The results of the advertising campaign “Love Is… REVO” demonstrate its success. More than 1430 new subscribers have joined the REVO community on YouTube during the period. The level of audience engagement exceeded expectations and amounted to more than a million people. At the same time, Instagram reached an audience of 1.7 million, and 35% of likes and 53% of comments were received organically. The total number of views for video sketches “Love Is… REVO” on YouTube has crossed the mark of 1.8 million.

“Based on the data obtained on the effectiveness of our advertising campaign, it is safe to say that the project “took off”. We are very pleased with the numbers, especially the high levels of organic engagements. I think the main factor of success is that we clearly managed to capture the moment: to give the audience relevant content at the most appropriate time”, – commented Ivan Bazar, CEO of ODDEE on the campaign results.