Love Is… REVO. Fun video sketches from a brand that knows how to get to your heart


Just before spring, the REVO brand got its fans excited with a wonderful new product a limited edition energy drink REVO Love Is, which is made especially for all lovers and not only. Since that time, this sweet mischief-maker managed to make so much noise in the lives of couples that stories about it are already spreading. Probable, and maybe even true stories were put together as a collection of flirtatious video sketches by New Products Group in partnership with #ODDEE Agency.

“First of all, our audience, which is already bored at home in quarantine, clearly needs entertainment, and REVO™ is synonymous with fun. Secondly, the topic of relationships is also very hot right now, because due to social distancing there are no opportunities for people to meet and flirt. So, for now, we need to find alternative ways to get together and feel emotionally connected. Doing so with ingenuity can even add to romance and stir up imagination. Therefore, our funny sketches would not only improve people’s mood, but may also inspire viewers to meet someone special online this spring”, commented Elena Selyutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

The series of sketches “Love Is… REVO” is already scheduled for release. All of them are short, on point, and illustrate absurd life situations familiar to everyone. The videos will be posted on the official YouTube channel revoenergydrink. Users will be able to leave comments under the video on all social media platforms and who knows, perhaps even meet someone new this way!

The limited edition REVO Love Is can certainly contribute to the blossoming of feelings. The playful tutti-frutti and barberry flavours, the energy of guarana, damiana and caffeine, together with low alcohol content just to warm you up, cleverly do their job, just like the boldly, lovingly designed can from TS/D Agency. Such a small catalyst, combined with natural attraction, can cause a real avalanche of feelings, almost worthy of the big screen…

REVO™ brand knows how to, and loves to create distinct stories that spark genuine interest among the audience. The previous limited edition product, designed in thevpop-art style and released in 2018, grew into two seasons of the extraordinary series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can – the characters that became legendary; as well as a graphic novel presented at Comic Con Ukraine. Additional 62 000 followers on Instagram, 10 000 subscribers on YouTube, and the restoration of the brand’s leadership in the energy drinks category – this was the result of these creative projects last year.

REVO™ is the famous master of well-aimed hits straight to the heart: “One shot – one hit!”. To the attention of all admirers of light humor with amorous themes – we present the first two episodes of video sketches from the brand: “REVO Love Is… To bring each other joy at a distance” and “REVO Love Is… To create a family photo album”.