Love caffeine with all your heart: how to be energetic and not harm your internal organ – a sports doctor explains


Sometimes it seems like you can’t survive without coffee or another caffeinated product: especially now, when it’s cold, daylight is reduced, and work responsibilities need the same level of vigilance and concentration. Many of us are simply not functional until we take our dose of life-saving caffeine, like that owl in the famous meme: “Are you getting enough sleep?” – “What sleep?” In general, there is nothing to worry about with regards to caffeine, says Oleksandr Kushch, a sports medicine doctor, nutritionist, family doctor, expert in the development of the “Single Fitness Standard of Ukraine” and a participant in the “Consume Sensibly” initiative. The only strategically important nuance: you must intake a healthy amount of it.

How caffeine effect on the body as a whole is known to everyone: as a natural stimulant, it increases brain activity, has vasoconstrictive properties, affects the production of hormones. This substance is even part of many medicines as a beneficial ingredient. At the same time, caffeine has a visible and tangible effect, so every person should have an instinct for self-preservation and not to abuse it.

Overdose primarily puts a strain on the cardiovascular system. And here everything depends on individual features of the body: someone will feel nothing, and to someone who regularly has a bit too much, the effect will be felt. In any case, the risk is unnecessary. And the safe norms of caffeine consumption have long been known to science: it is 400 milligrams per day for a healthy adult. And it is important not to forget about compatibility: drinking coffee with chocolate, then refreshing yourself with a few cans of energy drinks and finishing with a cup of green tea is a bad idea. And you definitely shouldn’t do all this on an empty stomach or at night…

Read more about the benefits of caffeine, the “reasonable limit” of its consumption and how to get only benefit and pleasure from it in the October article by Oleksandr Kushch exclusively for the Channel 24 website.