Let’s defeat the pandemic together! New Products Group is there to help the healthcare system and the medics


These new times have brought us new challenges that can only be overcome by showing empathy and joining forces. New Products Group is actively monitoring the current epidemiological situation in Ukraine and responds to calls for assistance where it is most needed. At present, the most urgent need is to support the work of healthcare professionals who are on the frontline of the fight against the new Covid-19 disease.

One of the most scarce resources in the midst of the pandemic is equipment that provides resuscitation in the event of lung failure. Recently, several medical institutions have requested the purchase of such devices at once. Recognizing that human lives depend on prompt response, New Products Group immediately purchased and distributed 15 devices that suction air and fluids from affected internal organs.

The first to receive the aid was one of the leading Ukrainian hospitals in the fight against coronavirus – Kyiv City Clinical Hospital #4. On March 24, 12 Biomed 7M-23D units were transferred over to the hospital.

On March 26, the same equipment in the amount of 3 units was sent to the intensive care department of the central regional hospital in Zhashkiv.

Pictured: Social Projects Manager of the Nova Gromada Charity Fund V. H. Pohorilyi, chief physician of Zhashkiv CRH Yu.V. Levchenko, and the head of the intensive care department V. V. Lyulchenko.

Both institutions have gratefully accepted the assistance, installed the devices and prepared them for active use.

Helping the Zhashkiv community comprehensively has become a steady mission and a good tradition for our company. Since 2014, the Nova Gromada Charity Fund has been operating under the auspices of New Products Group and funded exclusively by its profits. The purpose of the organization is the implementation of purposeful social and charitable initiatives in Zhashkiv and the Zhashkiv region, where the production facilities of the enterprise are located.

Now is the time that requires solidarity with medical professionals and doing our part in curbing the spread of the coronavirus infection. We sincerely hope that our participation will help ease the condition of the sick and contribute to the speedy recovery of many Ukrainians.