“Kyivska Sotka” – 100% beneficial! EatMe™ has become an official partner of the 7th Kyiv Road Cycling Competition


On September 5, the largest cycling event in the country – “Kyivska Sotka” – took place once again. About 2 000 people took part in the sporting event this year: amateur cyclists from 80 cities, aged from 18 to 82 years. More than 200 people became winners of the сycling competition, and were rewarded in their age categories. The fastest distance was covered by road cyclists – 2 hours and 20 minutes.

For the first time EatMe™ has become an official partner of “Kyivska Sotka”. All participants of the event had the opportunity to try these high-quality and healthy Ukrainian snacks in handy packaging to boost their energy during the exhausting competition. Healthy ‘fuel’ for healthy transport! We are proud that our healthy and tasty EatMe™ bar supported the Ukrainian amateur cycling flagman. The more people will change their comfortable cars for more athletic two-wheelers, the less will be traffic jams in the city, the more developed will be cycling infrastructure in Kyiv, the more active and healthy will be its residents, and overall the more pro-European will be our civic consciousness, – commented Elena Selutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

“Kyivska Sotka” is a cycling marathon for everyone, with distances of 100 and 50 km. It was founded in 2014 by Sergey Kharchuk, an experienced cycling enthusiast and a participant of countless European cycling marathons. This is a soulful project, which is annually joined by more and more people – supporters of this ecological type of transport particularly and healthy lifestyle in general.

EatMe™ bar – an exceptionally healthy snack for adults and children, approved by the Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine. Delicious and nutritious bars on a natural basis perfectly satisfy hunger when you need an immediate snack: at work, on a trip, on a walk. Ingredients of the bars are natural and healthy: concentrated apple juice, berries and dried fruits, grains and nuts, agar-agar. The product contains no preservatives or dyes.