“Kraplya do Krapli” is a charitable movement for everyone. With the help of caring donors, the initiative saved more than 2000 human lives in 2 months, and this is just the beginning!


The collaboration between “DonorUA” project and the “Pryrodne Dzherelo” brand has not been long, but it has already reached tangible achievements. In 2 months, 134 064 UAH have already been collected, 912 new donors have been found, and 2736 human lives have been saved! The up-to-date statistics can always be found on the website https://pd.donor.ua, where the counter is working in real time. And these are not just statistics. Behind each number is a priceless life, a fateful chance for a healthy future, as well as boundless gratitude from family and friends. Based on the results of this rather recent project, it is obvious that joint activities have significantly popularized voluntary and regular free donation in Ukraine, and therefore the charitable initiative “Kraplya do Krapli” is on the right track!

“We are pleased to inform the public about the first significant steps in developing a culture of donation in Ukraine. After all, only open, ubiquitous communication is capable of building the level of trust necessary to unite Ukrainians around a problem. In order to provide more opportunities for those wishing to join the donor movement, we even introduced a participation mechanism alternative to donating blood. We offered to simply regularly consume artesian drinking water “Pryrodne Dzherelo”, sinch part of the profit from its sale is transferred to the development of blood donation in Ukraine. All methods of assistance are equally effective, so buy bottles of this water in retail chains to support blood donation”, noted Elena Selutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

Over the past month, many important educational activities have been implemented that have influenced the level of awareness of the population regarding blood donation. In particular, the delivery of “Pryrodne Dzherelo” water to the Ukrainian regional blood centers was organized, where volunteers interviewed donors and made a photo report to encourage those who are interested in donating. On November 18 and 19, the organizers presented the Kraplya do Krapli project at the XIX Forum of Financial Directors of Ukraine, which made it possible to draw the attention of the business elite to the issue of insufficient donor blood. In addition, all activities of the initiative were regularly covered on the public pages of “DonorUA” and New Products Group on Facebook.

Also in November, the “DonorUA” project carried out a survey on social networks regarding the general knowledge, interest and desire of users to become blood donors. The results showed that the participants had a lot of questions and need more extensive information regarding donation. For example, 80% of the audience wants to know how to eat right to increase iron levels, and 90% how to decipher their own blood test. Based on this, it was decided to organize a separate information and educational campaign for potential donors, involving respected experts and opinion leaders. The theme for December will be “The Right Diet for the Donor” as an important factor in preparation for donation in order to achieve high blood quality indicators. To identify the most interesting aspects of donation and provide really useful information, a series of surveys will be initiated as part of the information campaign, in which everyone can take part. The first survey is already available here.

WHO statistics show that 118.4 million blood donations occur in the world every year. Of these, 40% are in developed countries, where 16% of the population lives. However, in our country the picture still looks somewhat different. “Unfortunately, in Ukraine today, 70% of donors are “one-offs”. That is, we have family-based, or so-called “spontaneous” donation, when a person responds to someone else’s misfortune, donates blood and never does it again. However, voluntary regular blood donation is an honorable and noble cause. All over the world, it is actively promoted, implemented and supported, because it is the safest resource of high-quality blood. It is especially important to develop blood donation during the period of a pandemic and quarantine, when demand from patients is growing, and donor activity is decreasing”, commented Iryna Slavinska-Ritsner, founder of “DonorUA”.

Anyone who wants to become a blood donor can at any time fill out an application on the official website “DonorUA” at the link: https://account.donor.ua/register  All others automatically join the donor initiative simply by regularly drinking artesian water “Pryrodne Dzherelo”.