“Kraplya do Krapli” expands partnership for the sake of life! Charitable donor initiative took part in the Annual Forum of Ukrainian CFOs


On November 18-19, the 19th Forum of Financial Directors of Ukraine took place, an important event in the world of modern business. A large-scale corporate event was supported by the DonorUA project, presenting the charitable donor initiative “Kraplya do Krapli” (“Drop by Drop”), created in the fall of 2020 together with the brand “Pryrodne Dzherelo”. The purpose of the cooperation is to widely popularize voluntary, regular and free donation of blood and its components among Ukrainians, as the reserves of donated blood are currently facing extreme shortages. During the first month of its launch, 55 566 UAH was collected, 378 new donors were attracted, and 1134 human lives were saved. Participation in a major business event is a significant step in informing the general public about the importance of donations and raising awareness of the issue among influential representatives of the Ukrainian establishment.

The Annual Forum of Ukrainian CFOs is a key event that has been gathering the country’s financial elite for 18 years in a row. This business event allows executives to prepare for the challenges they face daily in a volatile and rapidly changing economic environment. The main topics of the current forum were the financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses adapting to the “new normal”, post-crisis recovery, and ensuring sustainable economic growth in Ukraine.

Despite the quarantine restrictions, the event gathered about 200 financial managers and business owners from all over Ukraine in the Kyiv ArtHall “Vsi.Svoi D12”. DonorUA became the social partner of the event, and the “Pryrodne Dzherelo” brand provided the audience with crystal clear spring water. The guests learned about the “Kraplya do Krapli” project and how it operates. It’s possible for absolutely everyone to join the donor movement: part of the profit from the sale of each bottle of the “Pryrodne Dzherelo” drinking water with a special label is directed towards the promotion of blood donation in Ukraine.

In addition, the partners arranged the following activities for the audience:

  • set up a stand where everyone could check their blood type and ask any questions about donating blood to professional laboratory assistants;
  • carried out educational work, informing guests about the importance of blood donation, about the Gross Blood Index, about healthy lifestyle, and the importance of supporting it through drinking enough water;
  • created a photo report from the event, and shared it on our own social networks;
  • organized a speech by Iryna Slavinska, the founder of DonorUA, who spoke about the importance of physical health for stability and financial well-being, about the “Kraplya do Krapli” project and the promotion of blood donations in Ukraine.

“Strong collaboration of business and charitable initiatives – this is how we see the most fruitful path to the development of socially important missions. Often very little is needed to get help: just let those who have the financial leverage and similar values know about the existence of a problem and the need for an urgent solution. We are confident that New Products Group itself is an excellent example to follow in how a company can develop a culture of donation among its own employees, and how top management can become ambassadors for important social causes. We are very grateful to the organizers of the 19th Forum of Financial Directors of Ukraine, who were imbued with the issue and willingly met us halfway. Together we are doing a really important thing!”, commented Elena Selyutina, Communications Director of New Products Group, which produces spring drinking water “Pryrodne Dzherelo”.

Anyone who wants to become a blood donor can submit an application on the official website “DonorUA” at the link: https://account.donor.ua/register at any time. Anyone who does not have such an opportunity, but sincerely wants to help, can simply regularly consume spring drinking water “Pryrodne Dzherelo” marked with “Kraplya do Krapli”, and part of the profit from its sales will go to the promotion of blood donations in Ukraine.