Keep playing, and don’t stop. NON STOP™ has become an official partner of the Cyberzone – a network of cyber clubs


Fans of NON STOP™ and cybersports are quite similar: “I see the goal – I see no obstacles”. Nothing can stop these enthusiastic, motivated players and adventurers on their way.

The NON STOP™ brand, as well as the esports industry, is dynamically developing and growing. And the community of Ukrainian gamers and fans, which is also a significant core of the NON STOP™ target audience, is expanding rapidly.

The brand has been supporting initiatives and projects aimed at the develop Ukrainian esports for many years, including cooperation with the Ukrainian Professional Cyber Sports Association (UPEA) organizing the first large-scale amateur Dota 2 championship. Such integrations and partnerships allow us to understand the needs and interests of our customers even more profoundly and inspire us to continue growing in this exciting area.

Cyberzone is a network of cyber clubs that knows gamers best. They have 79+ PCs, HyperX, and PlayStation Zone devices in their arsenal. They locate in Lviv and Ternopil, where they opened recently. For three years now, the clubs’ team has been creating a comfortable place for everyone looking for a career in esports. There is modern and professional equipment, a community of like-minded people, and nothing to distract from the game. Nothing but exhaustion. It is critical to continue during crucial moments. And that’s when NON STOP™ helps the champion! Just take a few sips to move towards the desired goal confidently.

And to make the game even more fun, visitors will find exciting raffles, unique unpackings, and special streams.