Instagram allowed brands to upload their own masks. This is how REVO™ reacted


From now on, Instagram users have the opportunity not only to support their favorite product, but even to transform into it. On August 14, the social network opened access for Ukrainian companies to create their own augmented reality brand masks. Branded masks are those that include the name of the company, the product, its logo or images, as well as those published by business accounts in which the brand name is present.

REVO, the New Products Group brand, was one of the first to respond to the new feature. Such a step is logical for a product that is positioned as an energy drink “with character” for those who value rapidity and originality, which are embodied in its legendary slogan: “One shot – one hit”. Consequently, the 3D model of the REVO can, developed in collaboration with Oddee agency, was immediately submitted for moderation and immediately passed. Now, to entertain your friends with a new cool look, it is enough for any user to subscribe to the official Revo Energy Drink Instagram page, after which a new filter will appear in their personal Instagram settings.

“REVO is a very unique brand. It brings together very different people with sometimes opposing lifestyles. There is such a special feature in REVO for which the brand is loved by so many different people – the ability to live in the now, to be bold and enterprising, to live life in a simple way, to be outgoing and not shy to be among the first to pick up on hype. Therefore, while others think, REVO does – quickly and without much effort”, said Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

On August 16, the day the AR-mask was uploaded to Instagram, a promotion was launched to activate the testing of the new feature. According to its terms, the user must imagine themselves as a REVO can that has the attention of the world for 15 seconds and must utter its sacramental message to humanity. Videos of the best speakers who have tagged the official page of the brand in their speech will be posted in REVO’s stories, and the winner of the competition will receive a box of the energy drink as a prize.


The new feature sparked an instant chain reaction from the REVOfans. Users flooded in with witty videos, thanked the developers for interesting entertainment, and even advised viewers not to forget to “consume sensibly”. Over the course of the weekend, over 220 people were able to participate in the promotion, and this is counting only those who tagged the brand’s page when using the mask.

“REVO consumers are some of the most fun and advanced Instagram users. That is why they are so fond of all the features that the REVO brand team is among the first to use. The mask tool opens up fundamentally new possibilities for SMM. Now we can directly address our subscribers every day, congratulate them on holidays without any production costs. Have an idea – record, export and include in promotion. It would take one hour, and is mostly native. Last year we started an Instagram page for REVO, and now there are almost 45 000 followers. Everything is working”, commented on the benefits of the new feature Ivan Bazar, Founder of Oddee Agency.

The AR-mask was created based on the webseries “The Fantastic Multi-Energy Blockbuster” as part of a unique cross-media project that was launched in June 2018. One of the main characters is the charismatic semi-animated REVO can, a bold and daring character with a talent for rhyming and wit on the verge of being inappropriate. It embodies the very essence of inexhaustible energy, irresistible optimism, and the ability to turn even the most hopeless situation in its favor. This year, the project found its continuation in the second season called “Space Bloggers”, episodes of which currently appear on the brand’s YouTube channel approximately once a week.

Two seasons of the series have managed to unite around them an entire fan community, who are captured by the story of the strong friendship between the humble Cosmonaut and his outgoing friend, the REVO Can. Thanks to the new Instagram feature, everyone will now be able to feel like their favorite character by wearing the virtual mask. It’s a great way to get rid of complexes, discover your creativity, find new friends, or even experience a brief moment of social media fame.