If it’s cider, then it’s APPS: the start of an ad campaign in the new format, where the target audience speaks for itself


The brand of light modern ciders APPS launches a series of videos on the Internet that are intended to show the consumer the updated design of their favourite drink, as well as the new product in the range – the refreshing and summery APPS “Grapefruit”. The ad campaign to promote the re-branded line starts on July 4th and will continue until autumn.

The format of the new videos was based on the documentary blitz-interviews with the representatives of the target audience of APPS™ – charismatic urban youth who are able to feel the “very cider” of life. This format is popular in the world for representing the biographies of celebrities, but is new for Ukrainian advertising in the context of interviewing ordinary people. The idea was developed by the marketing team of New Products Group, and their partners from #ODDEE Agency helped to implement it creatively.

“We believe that the closer advertising is to real life, to the actual interests of the target audience, the more understandable it will be for the consumers. That is why we wanted to offer an easy and pleasant format that would evoke the same emotion that they would experience when meeting new people in person: curiosity, passion, drive. In the world of advanced information technology, the viewers are less naive and more picky, so modern advertising should not burden them with annoying calls to action. Our new videos look like good-quality short films that entertain and evoke empathy, and at the same time natively and associatively carry the necessary message”, said Elena Selutina, PR-Director of New Products Group and co-author of the idea.

APPS™ presents the characteristic faces of its target audience – the people for whom a bottle of a light, fashionable drink is an organic component in their similarly light and positive lifestyle. They are open to new things, natural in self-expression and communicable, and therefore are ready every second for an unexpected meeting that can provide an interesting experience. On a walk in the park, playing ping-pong, on the way to a barber, or while shopping, APPS™ always makes for easy conversation about life, preferences and priorities.

“There is always a “leader” in any group of friends. They listen to the most current, trendiest music, they recommend movies, bars, books, set the tone in the style of clothing, and cheer everyone up with witty jokes. It is they who bring the new APPS to the party and gladly brighten the evening with it. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to feel like this type of person, and not simply follow someone else’s lead. Therefore, in communication, we assign the main role to the ordinary consumer. Just the way they are! Modern. Hyped. Current. After all, it is important for us to find out what other cultural waves are created by our stormy and rebellious sea of Instagram followers, and how we can create the right rhythm for their fun and crazy youth”, comments Ivan Bazar, the founder of Oddee agency.

There are six commercials planned for release. Among their heroes are singer Samvel Tumanyan, model Artur Malimov, trasher Boris Grankin, avid travelers Lolita Laizan and Marina Baturinets, blogger Lyubov Obushchak. “Absolutely different people drink our cider, people with different interests and values, but one important feature unites them – they are always in search of the most current thing: both in music and in clothing brands, in food, new places. They do not hold on to the past, they always catch the fresh wave and are ready to share their discoveries with others”, added Elena Selutina.

Recently, the APPS™ product line has been refreshed and the new APPS “Grapefruit” taste has been released. The cider has a trendy eco-style design with a craft paper label that emphasizes the naturalness of the production method and the status of the drink. The updated look and taste are featured in the latest marketing activities of the brand. For example, a month ago the grandiose music project APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards 2019 was completed, where the “disguised” product, as well as the newest flavour, appeared on the screen for the first time on the backdrops for all studio live performances of the award’s nominees.