How Zhashkivsky Kaban went looking for friends. A special project with public opinion leaders from a young craft beer brand


In the winter, the young craft brand “Zhashkivsky Kaban” went to look for friends among the public for the first time. It personally presented to top Ukrainian bloggers a completely new approach to Ukrainian brewing – the creation of quality craft beer for a wide range of consumers.

Eight Instagram stars and influencers on the eve of the New Year received a pleasant surprise – a cute tasting set in a wooden eco-box with bottles of “Zhashkivsky Kaban” beer, carefully wrapped in cozy kraft paper. The presentation package with the fragrant frothy drink inside was received by advertiser Orest Muriy, lawyer and entrepreneur Roman Salabay, digital technology expert Tekso, ”Bachelorette” winner Oleksandr Ellert, TV host Dmytro Kornelyuk, as well as bloggers Artur Sheshkevych, Vanya Kryshtal and Ihor Koval. The gift contained different varieties of the beer “Zhashkivsky Kaban”: Lager with moderate sweetness and expressive bitterness, produced via the classic Czech technology; Blanche – the white wheat beer with a mild malty taste, delicate citrus notes and light bitterness, typical of Belgian ales; the English Pale Ale – with a mild malty taste, noticeable bitterness and delicate floral aroma. Each box was accompanied by a gallant postcard from the brand’s mascot, where he politely introduced himself to the recipients, kindly invited them to taste his extraordinary product, made with love and care – craft beer from local ingredients; and, of course, asked to share a sincere opinion with their subscribers.

The bloggers involved Kaban in all sorts of leisure activities, each in their own way: one cheered for his favorite football team, one played “Monopoly”, and one dreamily drew up Napoleonic plans for the coming year. But one thing was common: the tasters really liked this authentic Ukrainian product of a completely new quality. This is how the eloquent Tekso commented on his impressions: “A very cool craft beer brand, with a cute boar as a frontman and, of course, a tasty concept! …now we have our own proud representative in craft beer, made to international standards and with very cool branding! …I’m just delighted with the taste, so if you’re a beer drinker – be very careful with this handsome boar, you can fall in love forever!”

The activation resulted in almost 1.3 million in audience reach. The followers were undoubtedly interested in the new product and also promised to try it when they could.

“Zhashkivsky Kaban is the embodiment of a new look at the brewing process, consistently embodied by a new player on the Ukrainian beer market – the innovative brewery New Brew. Only the crystal clear water from Zhashkiv springs, the best Bavarian hops, high-quality local barley and malt are used to brew the drink. The product does not contain artificial impurities or surrogates, in particular maltose molasses and sugar syrup. We brew beer in small batches to maintain a high level of quality, but we make it affordable so that every connoisseur of natural products can enjoy real Ukrainian beer – as it should be. It was important for us to convey this message to the target audience, so we decided to launch a friendly introductory tasting with celebrities on social networks, because we are confident that the product will earn its fame naturally – simply by winning the hearts of consumers who will appreciate the efforts of our certified brewers,” summed up the successful special project the Digital Communications Manager of New Products Group Anna Malakhova.