How to consume energy drinks properly? Recommendations from Gennady Kuznetsov, the leading food industry expert


The contents of an energy drink can are substances present in our everyday diets. Yes, caffeine, which increases mental activity and concentration, is present in teas and even chocolate. And taurine, which affects the heart and muscle strength, can be found in poultry meat. In addition, energy drinks often include vitamin complexes that enhance the effects of natural stimulants, provide a rapid flow of energy, and help restore strength after physical or mental activity. 

The mentioned substances contained in energy drinks are present in the daily diet of almost every family. There are no side effects to these ingredients when consumed by healthy people – it is enough to adhere to the recommended dosage. Acceptable daily doses of caffeine are 400 mg for adults and 3 mg per 1 kg of body weight for teens. But, of course, you should not neglect additional rules: do not drink can after can, and take into account your individual diet.

Responsible Ukrainian manufacturers, including New Products Group, make a lot of efforts to provide consumers with information about the content and rules of consumption of energy drinks, that is based solely on scientific data and the opinions of leading experts. Gennady Kuznetsov, one of the leading experts on the Ukrainian food market, has written an article detailing the most important things on the topic.