How infinite energy works: new NON STOP™ ads depict invention of a perpetual engine


New Products Group and the leading branding agency Tough Slate Design, which in the spring of 2018 developed the renewed branding for the energy drink NON STOP™ Urban / Jungle, created promo videos that brilliantly embody the concept of the unstoppable energy of the legendary functional drink.

“The perfect combination – infinite energy and a positive effect on the body – gave the idea of creating a perpetual engine with precise interactions, without the loss of energy. Depending on the flavour – Urban or Jungle – we find ourselves at an afterparty at night or on a congested street. In both cases, NON STOP allows you to be energetic and, in catching all subtleties of the moments, resist fatigue and stress”, comments on the conceptual videos Dmitry Tsapko, art director and founder of Tough Slate Design.

The task of the summer-autumn 2018 online promo campaign was to give the consumer an update of the product line, and present two new flavours – NON STOP Jungle and NON STOP Urban, and do it in the spirit of the main idea of the brand: NON STOP™ is an infinite energy source. Basically, on the screen we see a perfectly organized movement of NON STOP™ cans. As a result, besides the clearly depicted idea of infinite energy, the videos themselves have a similar therapeutic NON STOP™ effect: after all, observing such rhythmic movement reduces stress, normalizes the emotional state and helps streamline thoughts.

“We wanted to experiment on purpose: we created and uploaded, in addition to the standard 15 and 30-second ads, seemingly endless two-minute videos without packshots, – says Boris Tkachev, the Strategy and Research Director of New Products Group. – The results exceeded our highest expectations: according to the results of the advertising campaign, the average time for watching a NON STOP Jungle video was 55 seconds, and the average time for watching a NON STOP Urban video was even longer – 79 seconds! It’s really hard to look away from these videos”.

NON STOP™ is a drink for those who feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough, who is busy working or studying during the day and looks for adventures at night. The new energy of Urban / Jungle is the energy of a big city that is felt around the clock, because the city never sleeps. The updated NON STOP™ with laconic branding from Tough Slate Design is presented in three flavors: NON STOP Original – a classic energy drink that has been popular with active city residents since 2005; the new flavour of strawberries and mint NON STOP Jungle – for an uninterrupted work rhythm throughout the day; and the raspberry-acai and schizandra NON STOP Urban – for endless nocturnal adventures.

The entire NON STOP™ line is optimized to be a source of energy, power, and intelligence. Due to the high caffeine and taurine content in combination with a vitamin complex, NON STOP™ quickly provides an immediate surge of strength and energy, increases physical endurance, concentration, reduces fatigue and improves the emotional state.

The Ukrainian market of non-alcoholic energy drinks is now rapidly developing. According to research by the global company Nielsen, in the first half of 2018, it grew 20% in comparison with last year. New Products Group is the leader in this section of the Ukrainian market, with NON STOP™ and PIT BULL™ remaining in first place among all brands.