How energy drinks conquered the world: a biography of a power drink


Drinks that stimulate the nervous system are not a recent invention – they have existed in one form or another for centuries in different parts of the world. Incorporating the most effective and safe ingredients, in particular caffeine and taurine, modern energy drinks started being produced in the beginning of the last century. The first Ukrainian energy drink NON STOP™ was released in 2005 by New Products Group, and it is still in great demand.

There is a misconception that energy drinks are more popular in developing countries, and their consumption is increasing worldwide due to the fact that this drink is addictive. In fact, numerous studies refute both of these myths. According to research conducted in 2016, on average, Ukrainians consume only 2 liters of energy drinks per year, while in European countries this figure reaches over 10 liters. As to the second statement, the experts assure that within the recommended daily allowance, this caffeinated product is absolutely safe for healthy people, and also does not cause addiction.

Of course, each manufacturer is interested in ensuring that his products are in demand, have a good reputation, and the consumer is satisfied. Companies are constantly improving technology and recipes to make the drink as useful and functional as possible for people who strive to lead an active lifestyle and stay peppy when needed. For example, in May 2020, the first all-natural energy drink NON STOP Evolution entered the Ukrainian market.

You can go deeper into the success story of energy drinks by reading the latest blog by Gennadiy Kuznetsov, Head of the Board at Food Processors League, on the Korrespondent website.