Hot on the heels of Pit Bull Fight ІІІ. Let’s take a look back at the best of the most powerful season of the show!


“Here we go!”: before the audience could even catch the breath from the amazing Pit Bull Fight III, the Pit Bull Fight IV began! As a foretaste, a backstage video from the new season shooting was recently released. Top news – we’re growing! The new location of the main fight show of the country is the famous Film Studio named after О. Dovzhenko, a pavilion with stadium-type tribunes. A behind-the-scenes tour is given by the most brilliant participant of all seasons since the founding of Pit Bull Fight – the talkative and charismatic Anatoliy “Star” Shponarskyi! 

What will the famous Mr. Shponarskyi show us? Everything that comes in the way: from the mystery of hand taping to live fighting inside the wild octagon. Interviews with fighters, audience, relatives, coaches, judges, on-duty doctors, commentator Vitaly Gurkov, marriage proposal right in the cage, and the most importantly… Shponarskyi speaks for the first time with the mysterious muse Ring Girl, the legendary owner of stunning booty! And while Season IV is still heating up, let’s remember the epic Pit Bull Fight III – the first festival of punches and titanic willpower after a long quarantine break…

The fighters this time were energized like a PIT BULL™ and hungry for a challenge. Perhaps that’s why there was such an incredible full house: more than 100 fighters entered the ring in a record 33 episodes!  We saw one-on-one and coupled fights, team 3×3 ultras fights; we saw new faces and old friends, pros and newcomers, and even one dramatic disqualification of a guru for a rough rule breaking… The fights were in boxing gloves and in handwraps, gruelingly long fights based on the temper and unexpectedly instant knockdowns, for the first time there was an international fight – between the titular Ukrainians and Belarusians.

So each season is a head above the previous one, and this trend is very promising! Stay with us and build up your own athletic skills. Do you want to discuss your favorite moments of season ІІІ? Welcome to Instagram: Would you like to enjoy the full video collection? Subscribe to the channel, because here is regularly something new: Join the big family of Pit Bull Fight, where “hitting means loving”!