Green Energy™ gives the green light to disproving stereotypes


The new energy drink brand from New Products Group – Green Energy™ – implemented an extraordinary and dynamic digital project called “StereoTrips”. The unique product with cannabis seed extract brought together people whose fresh views are in harmony with the ideology of the brand. A series of videos was produced, the idea of which was to broaden the horizons of thought and to change the young audience’s perception of cannabis as an exclusively psychotropic substance, as it has long been known worldwide as a refined eco-product.

In the end, six popular vloggers made videos about the pervasive, but often mythified statements that are most diverse in their nature – in particular, about the properties of cannabis. The vloggers share their thoughts while enjoying a soul-fulfilling, life-affirming green can of Green Energy™. And in order to ensure that the answers of the influencers were as honest as possible, they were put in unnatural, but very funny situations that require sincere and immediate reactions. Just try to gracefully and convincingly lie while sitting on Santa’s lap, jumping on a trampoline, or having a pair of strong pythons around your neck!

“Green Energy ™ is an innovative product for our market, but we understand that it can be perceived by many to be too extravagant. The paradox is that it is not! This drink does not contain any narcotic ingredients, it is enriched with many elements recognized in the whole world as beneficial to our health. Hence a more global idea for the project: we need to stop looking at things through the prism of stereotypes, often accompanied by a tangible shift in emphases. An additional challenge was overcoming the taboo of discussing cannabis on social networks, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group. – With our light and humorous message, we wanted to relax the audience a little bit, diminish the caution and distrust, thereby prompting them not to “demonize” cannabis as a plant. We hope that we managed to consolidate positive associations, and that from now on, every time the consumers see our product on the store shelves, they will wonder: am I approaching my decision-making with a narrow mind? In the end, this might even allow them to make a couple of unexpected productive decisions”.

Sometimes, to get a chance to look at things from a wider angle, you just need to take a generous gulp of freedom… Together with a refreshing sip of Green Energy™. So, crack open a can and the boundaries of your consciousness. Mediocrity or spontaneity, healthy cannabis or unhealthy prejudices – what will win in the end?