Grannies, lazing in bed, Ninja Turtles – a short review of the topics of the new episode of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”


Looks like “POREVO” is becoming a regular pastime for you, and for some, a stable work placement! Well, who are they? Our fabulous comedians: Ivan Barbul, Bohdan Pysmenko… While Oleh Grundyk and Anton Senin are here for the first time, but probably not for the last time. Such a hilarious “assortment” is gathered for the episode №7 of the REVOlutionary standup club.

To begin with, an aperitif with heady notes of absurdity. REVO, whiskey, apple, and… hematogen. Delicious and useful. The barman is amazingly imaginative in his new creation – “Good Girl, Keep the Present”.

After such a crazy mix, move on to the stage!

  • Bohdan Pysmenko, a resident of the Split Comedy Club, a comedian from Kharkiv, who knows how to impress verbally and visually, is currently impressing by his confession that he likes to… lie down. The answer to all life’s challenges is “lazing in bed”. And while he’s lying down, he usually enjoys pampering his girlfriend’s rats as well. Welcome to the B. Pismenko Zoo!
  • Oleh Grundyk is a comedian from Western Ukraine, promoting peace and love, meditating on everything, loving grannies and swearing from the stage. Everything in his life is a standup. The Ukrainian-speaking artistic hippie performs a psychological test on his favorite Ninja Turtle, and also asks many, many, many times about grannies. Do you think hypnosis doesn’t work on you? Just eat this!
  • Anton Senin – the participant and winner of countless open mics and other stand-up parties – talks about the experience of self-satisfaction in free flight, the unfeasible dream of a cool Hollywood sweat stain, and the two paths of conflict solving, among which he chooses the third.
  • Ivan Barbul – a well-known prankster, stand-up host and comedian – shares his strategy of behavior with the girl during the critical days: it is very important to have the appropriate weapon. The comedian also shares in-depth knowledge of caressing techniques. Are you looking for new erotic emotions? Sit on your hand until you can’t feel it! And not just on your own hand…

Have a good laugh right now and then start to accumulate your strength for the next episode, because in “POREVO” №8 we will be amused by our favorites Alexander Zhipetsky and Zhenya Leshchenko, as well as Timofey Mishakov and Andriy Pilat, whom we will “test-drive” for the first time!