New Products Group Supports Ukrainian Forum on Tactical Medicine


Our products help the military and those who save the military, since New Products Group has become one of the sponsors of the Ukrainian Forum on Tactical Medicine, organized by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation.

This event, held in Kyiv, brought together representatives of the Tactical Medicine Community. It was attended by paramedics and combat medics, volunteer doctors and, of course, tactical medicine instructors. The training was comprehensive and efficient, as it included workshops, expert presentations, consideration of various scenarios and networking.

For its part, New Products Group treated participants to energy drinks to help them concentrate and take in important information even more efficiently. Also, the forum participants had our Pryrodne Dzherelo artesian water to drink.

In the full-scale war, tactical medicine training sessions are of the utmost importance, because proper tactical medicine skills mean effective military operations with minimum losses. We are glad that our efforts have benefited the people who carry out such an important mission. Besides, we have recently received a letter of commendation from the forum organizers. “Thank you for your contribution to the Ukrainian Forum on Tactical Medicine, the development of the Tactical Medicine Community and saving the lives of defenders of Ukraine”, said Hanna Hvozdiar, the Director of the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation.

Also, New Products Group supports a series of seminars titled “Intraosseous Administration of Tranexamic Acid in the Cases of Major Bleeding” aimed at rescuing our fighters. We have been granted with a letter of commendation for this activity too.