Generation gap and dispelling preconceived notions. “Group Sense” in search of moral consolidation in times of social distancing


On the eve of the introduction of quarantine measures, the Group Sense discussion club held a fourth meeting as part of a joint initiative of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU), the online magazine, and New Products Group. The topic for this meeting was the generation gap. It is very relevant in view of the fact that now the time has come to unite, listen to each other, and reach mutual understanding in order to jointly overcome the economic and social challenges of the current times.

The ever-relevant Turgenev-esque theme of “fathers and children” in the context of the modern era of digitalization and robotization inspired the participants of the meeting to a multifaceted debate in such extraordinary company: Olga Balashova – deputy head of NAMU, Sergey Danilov – neurobiologist and head of “Beehiveor”, Elena Selyutina – director of communications and PR for New Products Group, Yuri Marchenko – editor-in-chief of, and Roman Blazhan – producer, director, managing partner of MinimalMovie. As usual, a number of rhetorical questions created a fruitful basis for generating many new senses.

So, X, Y, Z people – reality or fiction; immanent property of nature or a product of social change? Is the theory of generations much more plausible than a horoscope? Is it worth it to focus on business, art, science? What objective factors determine the change in collective psychology every twenty years? All gathered agreed that objectively, realities are changing, and humanity is inclined to adapt flexibly to those changes. What used to be just a fanciful invention of science fiction writers has now become commonplace. External transformations predetermine the emergence of new semantic patterns, and, therefore, form a fundamentally new style of thinking and communication.

But nothing urges you to overcome moral distance as the need to distance yourself physically. Such critical circumstances induce protective mechanisms in the human psyche and the instinct to unite mentally. In order to minimize the mental gap, previous generations just need to convey eternal values ​​to young people through new tools of interaction and communication channels. In particular, this is important in the advertising field, which should speak with its consumer in a language that it understands, adapt to its native interests in order to develop loyalty to the product.

Traditionally, to sum up the results of the meeting, the online magazine created an article entitled “Generation gap: how people change”. A transcript of the conversation is available as an article with creative design, as well as in an edited video version.

We remind you that the Group SenseDiscussion Club is a joint project of NAMU,, and New Products Group, whose goal is to find a common language between classical and modern culture by including such an important subject of the creative ecosystem as the advertising industry. Questions are considered from the point of view of the history of culture, evolutionary biology, psychology, marketing, and many other interesting aspects which are presented each time by a slightly changed line-up of participants. Fascinating disputes with interesting personalities, specialists from various fields who can reveal the topic through the prism of their own competence, the special atmosphere of the museum, where the imperishable classics and the latest trends find a common denominator – all this in the year that the club has existed has already become the subject of quite a lot of interest of a creative and thoughtful public, which is always invited to express their opinion in the comments on the Facebook page.