Funny animals with EatMe™ bars back on Ukrainian screens


Since October 15, New Products Group has launched an all-Ukrainian television advertising campaign in support of EatMe™ bars.

Short cartoons, in which tasty and nutritious bars are represented by the funny animals depicted on EatMe™ wrappers, invariably evoke a warm reaction from the audience. The creators of the concept – the creative teams of New Products Group, the production studio Lime Lite and the VGNC agency – turned out to be right, because funny and cute meerkat, raccoons and squirrels are perceived not as annoying ads, but as a sip of positivity.

This time the clips of 10 and 5 seconds were broadcast on TV channels 1+1, TET, 2+2, BIGUDI, Paramount, UA:PERSHIY, XSport, News One, Espresso TV, Music Box, O-TV. The advertising campaign will strengthen the brand’s position, increase the level of knowledge and loyalty of consumers, and stimulate sales.

According to a recent large-scale study, the share of snacks in the daily calorie count of the Europeans’ diets goes up to 30%. Today, people live at such a rapid pace that they cannot do without “snacking on the go”. There are enough offers on the market of nutritious, tasty and convenient food that can be eaten quickly, so the only question is how nutritious is the snack that the consumer chooses.

As an example of an optimal snack for adults and children from 3 years of age, nutritionists recommend natural and nutritious bars EatMe™ approved by the Ukrainian Association of Nutritionists. They contain only natural berries, nuts and dried fruit, and do not contain dyes or preservatives, and the EatMe bar “Monkey” doesn’t even contain sugar, which was made possible by using rice paper instead of a sugar glaze.

EatMe™ bars are manufactured at the Ukrainian-German enterprise “Truffo Royal” in Dnipro, which has an ISO 22000 certificate. This means strict control standards at all stages of food production. ISO 22000 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization for food safety, which applies to all organizations in the agribusiness. According to this standard, the food chain is considered as a holistic process, which includes manufacturing, processing, distribution, storage, and utilization. Product quality control occurs at all stages of production. Food safety is the number one priority for New Products Group.

The Eat Me™ TV ad campaign will run until December 30th.

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