FRIDAY™ turns ATB upside down! The beer lemonade brand presents two exclusive flavours for the discount grocery chain


The youthful beer lemonade brand FRIDAY™ presented two new flavours, exclusively for the ATB supermarket chain: limoncello and grapefruit juice. Delicious, fragrant, light: the new FRIDAY™ is a taste of continuous summer and an endless weekend!

“Carbonated beer lemonade is a product that is especially popular in the summer. First of all, it’s light – both in taste and alcohol content; secondly – the addition of citrus is perfectly refreshing and thirst-quenching; and thirdly – it’s ready to drink, presented in a convenient packaging with a twist-off lid. For those who have already enjoyed the classic varieties of FRIDAY™, the release of new flavours will be a pleasant surprise! The core of the brand’s audience is young people who value a carefree lifestyle and cost savings at the same time, so the choice of the retail chain to present the new flavors of the “Forever Friday” drink seems quite relevant”, – said Boris Tkachev, Director of Strategy and Research at New Products Group.

FRIDAY Limoncello is a trendy cocktail with a lemon aroma in an updated packaging; FRIDAY Grapefruit is a refreshing fruit mix with exciting bitterness. The first SKU can be recognized by the light pink label on which a defiant tyrannosaurus with a mohawk rides a moped, yelling into a microphone. The orange-blue label of the second one adds gender balance and depicts a charming shark in a bikini relaxing in a bubble bath. Like the entire bright collection, the new flavours are available in an original 0.45 liter bottle with pleasant-to-the-touch glass bubbles.

Ready-to-drink beer-based сraft drinks are a fashionable trend in bar culture in Europe and the USA. Modern interpretations of Shandy-style beer cocktails – refreshing mixes of beer and lemonade – are especially popular among young people, who prefer light drinks instead of traditional beer. Citrus combinations based on ingredients such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, etc., balance the beer taste in the best way.

FRIDAY™ is a new generation of ready-to-drink beverages based on natural beer with a 5% alcohol content. The brand was presented by New Products Group in March 2020. That’s when “beer lemonade”, an unusual product for the market, appeared in Ukraine for the first time. The concept for FRIDAY™ is based on defiance in the face of gray everyday life and the power of a boundless good time. This idea is underlined by the unique design of the bottle with the inscription FRIDAY written upside down, developed by TS/D Agency. The main product line contains two flavours of the beer lemonade: Lemon/Lime and Orange/Lime.