Expert opinion: “EatMe is a healthy snack”


The basis of proper nutrition is healthy diet and proper regime. To this conclusion during the online conference came Oleg Shvets, who is the president of the Association of Dietitians in Ukraine, also director of the State Research Center for Nutrition Hygiene at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

The expert recommends 3 main dishes during day and 1-2 snacks between those. Moreover, snacks are equally important for a balanced diet, which is unanimous approval of highly professional specialists.  A proper snack should contain a lot of dietary fiber and as little sugar and salt as possible. EatMe bar  – 100% meets these requirements. “There is such a thing as a snack. For some reason, snacks are associated with something not useful. In fact, snack is an absolutely normal meal, “says Oleg Shvets. The proper snacks include: fruits, dried fruits, a whole-grain bread sandwich, vegetables, as well as muesli bars. Among ready-made snacks, Oleg Shvets noted the EatMe bar.

The Association of Dietitians of Ukraine work to identify healthy food and products. For this, established a special registered sign, which is presented on the EatMe package.