Everyday magic: expert comments on the effects and properties of caffeine


Caffeine is a beneficial natural ingredient, despite all the bad press it has recently been getting. This plant-based ingredient is even used in medicine, stimulating the production of important hormones in the human body (adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc.). As a component of everyday foods, caffeine has a tonic effect, quickly restores vitality and replenishes energy. However, some people, despite the arguments of scientists, tend to attribute a whole range of “mortal sins” to caffeine.

It is time to dispel some myths about caffeine and caffeinated beverages. Oleksandr Kushch, the person behind the “Consume Sensibly” initiative, a family doctor, sports doctor, and sports nutritionist, recently helped the readers of the Mind.ua portal understand this topic. His key messages are: caffeine does not provoke cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, or insomnia. However, as an active substance, it can aggravate existing problems, but only if consumed in excess of the allowable amount or in cases of individual intolerance. Caffeine has a mild diuretic effect, but does not lead to dehydration. And lastly, the idea that caffeine provokes premature aging is certainly unfounded: no food product, not even a drug, is capable of casting such a spell!

Is it true that coffee is a safer stimulant than energy drinks? No, not true. It all depends on the caffeine content in the product and the amount of consumption per day. “Drinking energy drinks is completely safe if you follow the rules – this has been proven by authoritative research. If abused, then as with absolutely any product, there can be unpleasant consequences. As they say, there are no useful and harmful substances there is only optimal dosage”, – summed up the author of the article.

If you are interested in the topic or just like to perk yourself up, but want to keep it under control, we recommend reading the material in full: https://mind.ua/openmind/20219245-chashka-kavi-abo-mifi-ta-pravda-pro-kofeyin