Episode №8 of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”: it’s twice funnier in a circle of loved ones!


Guilty Mary… What’s her fault? It’s that she has not yet seen “POREVO” №8! So the bartender of the the REVOlutionary standup club simply mixed REVO™, red wine and an extravagant “sprig of roseMary”, and dedicated his sinful drink to this holy woman. 

Don’t be like Mary – turn on the new episode! Here Timofey Mishakov, Alexander Zhipetsky, Andrey Pilat, Denis Duma and Zhenya Leshchenko are making the audience laugh. This time – all of them are well-known characters in a single POREVO rush…

  • Timofey Mishakov gives a lesson of self-defense. It doesn’t matter if your opponent is bigger than you, the main thing is to know a common fighting technique.
  • Alexander Zhipetsky talks about Dimonchik’s debut, miraculous metamorphosis and experienced medical personnel. He also talks about scooter wheels, the hand of the law, and the voice of the subway.
  • Now we’re playing the old fashioned Battleship with Andrey Pilat: biblical counter-versions in a Western Ukrainian school. The comedian’s second monologue is about becoming friends with the daddy through the help of a jar. 
  • Denis Duma criticizes the digital idealism in Hollywood movies. A drop of reality and events could have been much more dramatic! Next, the comedian boasts of a vocally gifted friend.
  • Zhenya Leshchenko fantasizes about Hitler in a barbershop and the major historical consequences of a small failing bang. The supermarket contingent, by the way, is also frequently worthy of the most varied diagnoses…

Next time, Anton Stenyuk, Albert Lalayan, Anton Senin, Bogdan Pismenko and Zhenya Babkov will make us laugh. Just the way we like it.