Episode №4 of the REVOlutionary stand-up club “POREVO”: causes happiness, is addictive!


The REVOlutionary stand-up club under the auspices of the energy brand REVO™ sees performances from cool professional comedians – each with their own unique image, charisma and character, sometimes even on the verge of being too much. Because REVO™ loves the beyond-normal – it makes you feel the pulse of life, the energy of being alive!

In the 4th episode of the Ukrainian action-packed stand-up show “POREVO” we will meet with already familiar characters: Roman Shcherban, Zhenya Babkov, Mykyta Shevchuk, Zhenya Leshchenko and the constant host Ivan Barbul. They are blowing the roof to hell with an energy cocktail of unstrained, uncensored, obscenely honest jokes. This sometimes even outrages or embarrasses, but it certainly does not leave you indifferent!

  • Our guest from Western Ukraine Roman Shcherban in his gallant red shirt this time tells about his experience working as a primary school teacher and childrens’ entertainer. How much older are adults than children? A big question, just like Roman’s sense of humor.
  • Zhenya Babkov neurasthenically continues the saga of his manipulative girlfriend and all the hardships of everyday life with a lower than average income. How often does he wash his carrot? The topic has been discussed.
  • A charming mustachioed Mykyta Shevchuk talks about friendship and the cash register: interdependence, inverse proportion? A cash register can take a long time… And women can take a long time, especially nuns, but what’s the point?
  • The red-bearded Zhenya Leshchenko complains about his ex and does not hide the fact that he prefers self-satisfaction. The difference between male and female technique lies in the detailed analysis of this convinced bachelor.

Maybe have a cocktail? The “Hypnotoad” shot is for the fans of minimalism. Just put REVO™ in your pocket, jump like a crazy person and open it: the cocktail is ready! The story of its creation is told by Ivan Barbul, who always generously sprinkles in the fun. Almost like REVO™.