Episode №3 of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”: oral caresses of ears and minds from a bunch of the coolest Ukrainian comedians!


July 2 is a special day. And not only because it is World UFO Day, Curacao Flag Day and Nostradamus’ Birthday, but because the third installment of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO” has finally been released! The craziest, hottest five comedians – Tymofiy Mishakov, Bohdan Pismenko, Maksym Konoval, Oleksandr Zhypetsky and Ivan Barbul – demonstrate oral skills, and boy, what can’t they do with their tongues!

A fragile young man with smart glasses is Tymofiy Mishakov, a native of Kyiv and a representative of the Kotoryi stand-up club, a master of improvisation and absurd humor. The guy talks about the size of his financial situation, about the type of guy who’s “a bit of a jerk”, cool and not cool gestures, as well as an unexpected experience with anti-tapeworm pills. In short, the explosive mixture feels as if you have just shaken and spilled open a can of REVO™ on your “white collar”!

Eloquent and direct Bohdan Pismenko is a resident of the Split Comedy club, who knows how to impress with his verbal and dress style. The imagination of this guy rolls up your brain like a yoga mat. What would dog aggression “in translation” look like on human behavior? What weird sexual fetishes do women actually hide? What is more unusual: when you are left-handed or when you have paws? Hypothetical mind-benders from a bright comedian from Kharkiv.

The resident of The Stand Up club Maksym Konoval thinks about how to give a chic gift under 300 hryvnias to a girl, trolls modern insta-obsession and describes typical quirks of interaction between parents. No wonder when people talk about Max, they say: “He made my day!” His victories in the popular TV projects “Standup Show” on New Channel and “Comedian Laughs” on 1+1 speak for themselves, and now he is firing up a new ambitious platform of unlimited humor, “POREVO”!

Oleksandr Zhypetsky, as always, appears in front of the audience in his incomparable silk robe and dances a dangerous tap dance with his sharp tongue. Today his focus is on a special experience with special substances and the construction of a new character for a comic “People X”. Brilliant acting and killer charm. Oleksandr Zhypetsky is a unique combination of comedian, actor and improviser!

This time the presenter Ivan Barbul also performs his humorous sketches: the pros and cons of sex after a fight and the awkward gestures of a progressive mother. Even if a joke itself did not land into hearts and minds, the infectious laughter of Barbul will definitely make you convulse yourself!

So, bon appétit! But first, in order to relax well, you should [by no means] drink a cocktail with a delicate aroma of freshly squeezed leaky boots. However, it has been proven: REVO™ can make even the “most fragrant” shoe fresh taste great. “POREVO” №3: intense laughter lasting more than 20 minutes! Sofa springs will squeak madly…