Eco-oriented philosophy

A caring attitude to the environment, natural resources and ecology in general is one of the greatest tasks of our time. It is one of the highest priorities today, and it is paid a special attention to not only by individual companies but also by the governments. Thus, environment friendly technologies are acquiring huge importance. The attitude of not only population but also — and especially — of large companies and businesses becomes a matter of concern.

New Products Group does not remain on the sidelines: eco-responsibility and eco-consciousness, use of eso-friendly technologies, participation in eco-oriented projects these are the principles that govern our activities.


The Сompany pays significant attention to the effective implementation of modern environmentally friendly equipment. Company’s experts are constantly monitoring the latest world developments, carefully selecting and installing the best samples at Zhashkiv facility. It is important to note, that installation, establishment and training of the staff is done by highly skilled professionals — representatives of equipment’s manufacturer.

In 2015, the Company started using the new plastic packaging with a shorter neck, which has reduced the use of plastic by 11%.


New Products Group takes responsible usage of water resources seriously. In 2013-2016 LLC “Drinks Plus” in cooperation with a specialized geological company conducted experimental-industrial development of the deposit of potable groundwaters, which are used for the production of the Company’s beverages. According to the results of the deposit’s development it was found that artesian wells will be able to provide the Company with high quality water for 25 years, in the amount of about 1500 m3 per day.

At the beginning of 2017, the company received a special permit for the use of subsoil, according to which all nine wells and two sections of the Zhashkiv deposit were allowed to be operated on for 20 years. It should be noted that during the entire period of operation, no changes have been recorded in the level of artesian waters in the wells, and the company uses only 2/3 of the amount established by the state-issued limit for water extraction.

In 2016 a hydraulic press for secondary raw materials with an effort of 18 tons was purchased by the Company. The amount of secondary raw materials could be reduced in 4-5 times by pressing, thus it reduces both transport and environmental burden from the activity of the enterprise.

In 2017, LLC “Drinks Plus” duly passed a complex inspection of compliance with the environmental legislation of Ukraine, which was carried out by several control bodies: the State Ecology Inspection in the Cherkasy region, the State Service for Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and the State Labour Administration in the Cherkasy region. In the same year, the company received permission for emissions into the atmosphere for all equipment located at the production site in Zhashkiv. In 2018, Company has spent 1,3 million UAH on environmental protection measures.


In 2018 at the production site in Zhashkiv the works on thermal modernization of the CO2 storage facility were completed, which allowed to reduce electricity costs and, as a result, helped to reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere. In order to reduce emissions into the atmosphere due to the operation of storage equipment, which uses gas and electricity, the Company purchased hydraulic trolleys for manually moving loads of up to 200 kg. In the same year, an alternative fuel (pellet) boiler house was built and work began on designing a wastewater treatment plant for the new facilities of the Company’s production site. The “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund, established by New Products Group, has continued the implementation of the largest environmental charity project in the Zhashkiv region to install water treatment systems in educational institutions: the total budget of the project is almost 500 000 UAH.

In 2018, Company has spent 1.3 million UAH on environmental protection measures.

Ecological achievements of the Company for 2019

  1. The procedure for assessing the environmental impact of the enterprise has been successfully completed. According to subparagraphs 8 and 13 of paragraph 3 of Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On environmental impact assessment”, the activity of our enterprise belongs to the second category (production of beer and malt in the amount of more than 50 tons per day; water extraction, provided that groundwater extraction exceeds 300 cubic meters per day). In 2019, the Company implemented a series of measures to obtain a positive assessment of the environmental impact of the enterprise; public hearings were held, a number of publications were prepared, all parties involved were given access to project documentation and planned activities of the enterprise. The details of the assessment procedure can be found at:
  2. Work began on the construction of the wastewater treatment station for the plant, whose project was developed in 2019; the premises have been prepared, the purchasing of equipment has started (installation is planned for 2020).
  3. The enterprise has collected the largest volume of water in its history — 292 000 m3 (production did not exceed approved and allowed standards). The figure confirms the correctness of theoretical calculations of the Zhashkiv field of drinking groundwater used for the production of the New Products Group products.
  4. The Company adhered to the rules of separated collection of waste that can be reused (glass, polymers, rubber, paper, aluminum). More than 400 tonnes of recyclables have been sent for recycling. Hazardous waste was transferred to specialized companies.
  5. One of the nine wells of the enterprise underwent total restoration, which allowed to revalidate the passport of the object, ensure its proper sanitary and technical condition and further operation. The work was carried out by specialists from a specialized company.
  6. At the end of the year, that is, at the end of the production season, water from all wells of the Company was sampled by a third-party laboratory. The results of the detailed analyses showed that the water quality remained unchanged.
  7. An agreement was signed with the wastewater receiving company on the order of wastewater accounting and arrangement of the accounting unit; there are two water inlets from the city water supply to the plant intended for backup water supply.
  8. According to the order of circulation of products, the Company’s beverages which have expired have been returned to the Company from all distribution points in the country and disposed of in a high-temperature utilizer.
  9. Planned measurements of emissions into the atmosphere were performed, which showed no excess above the approved concentrations. Emissions into the atmosphere did not exceed the values set in the permit documentation.

More than 2.9 mln UAH spent on environmental protection measures in 2019.