“Energy of your drive” returns to the highways of Ukraine: the seasonal advertising campaign for NON STOP Original now on OOH media


When summer flies in, you feel wanderlust, the itch to travel, and you are immediately ready for any adventure! Jump into the rocketship of NON STOP™ – it will take you to your destination, even if it is the road itself… In early June, in support of the classic taste NON STOP Original, a large-scale advertising campaign “Energy of your drive” was launched on external media of major Ukrainian highways: Kyiv-Odessa, Kyiv-Kharkiv, Kyiv-Lviv, and Kyiv-Zhytomyr. The iron horse of NON STOP™ will fly through space, imploring: “Don’t let yourself get tired”, until the end of August.

“Local car tourism with many hours behind the wheel remains relevant this summer, because during the pandemic, many people have been rediscovering Ukraine. Research on changes in preferences, needs and attitudes has prompted us to focus our efforts on the Out Of Home channel, which will build effective communication with consumers in the territory of their real interests. We already conducted a similar campaign last year, and, given the effectiveness, we decided to repeat it in a slightly improved form. Currently, we plan to increase the audience to 7 million people”, – commented Elena Selyutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

The bright visual with the neon sports car NON STOP™ is really hard not to notice, not only because of the incomparable design of TS/D Agency, but also because of the billboard format itself: arched bridge structures that amiably frame your path, adding drive and good mood. The fast car of NON STOP™ symbolizes constant movement and resonates with the concept of the perpetual engine, for which the development agency has repeatedly received prestigious awards: European Design Awards, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of, DC*UA Awards, Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

When traveling non-stop, you should still make small stops to get even more NON STOP™! During this time, the petrol stations WOG, Socar, BRSM and Amic will have special offers for the legendary energy drink. By purchasing two cans of NON STOP™ in 0.25 l, the buyer will receive a 50% discount on the second can. The total number of outlets participating in the campaign exceeds 700, so there will always be an opportunity to perk yourself up on the road, which has a positive impact on the overall safety of traffic.

Voyage-voyage! Let’s explore all the delights of traveling in Ukraine at the wheel of the frantic NON STOP™. When there is a life-giving vortex of caffeine, taurine and vitamins in the blood, then the landscape outside the window changes synchronously with the desires, dreams and inner yearning for freedom. Thirstily grab priceless summer days and recharge the “energy of your drive” with NON STOP™!