Energy drinks don’t contain any ingredients that are dangerous for the organism


Caffeine and other components of modern energy drinks are not dangerous for human health – on condition if the rules of organism’s natural recovery and sensible consumption of energy drinks are observed. This was claimed by the participants of round-table meeting “Health benefits and risks from consuming caffeine and drinks containing caffeine”, which was held on November, 20 in Kyiv.

Within the frames of the event, special attention was given to incorrect interpretation of the information relating to non-alcohol energy drinks as well as the matters of sensible consumption culture.

Food additives which are found in all non-alcohol beverages being offered on the Ukrainian market (and, in particular, energy drinks) have been deemed safe both in Europe and Ukraine at the legislative level. At the same time, caffeine, which is a basic ingredient of all non-alcohol energy drinks, is being consumed by humanity over hundreds of years and doesn’t harm our health in any way. «In our research dedicated to the safety of energy drinks we have paid special attention to caffeine which is considered to be a potentially dangerous ingredient for a human’s health, – said Samuel Godefroy, professor (Université Laval, Quebec, Canada; Royal University of Ireland, Belfast, Great Britain). –  Caffeine is also used as an additive in many non-alcohol beverages, as well as in coffee, tea and chocolate. We found out that the level of caffeine is comparable to and even lower than in coffee».

Thanks to the calibrated contents, energy drinks allow to keep one’s energy and working efficiency during the day, while observation of sensible consumption levels is the key to well-being and health.

The round-table meeting “Health benefits and risks from consuming caffeine and drinks containing caffeine” was held within the frames of the social initiative «Consume sensibly» with the participation of New Products, Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, Monster Energy, Amway and Red Bull companies, as well as international and Ukrainian experts in the field of food industry