Energy drink “NON STOP” now is the official record holder of Ukraine!


Dnipro citizens got the “live” bar and “NON STOP” drink — an honorary line in the National Register of Records. In September, during the celebration of the Dnipro City Day, with NON STOP cans we had built the largest in Ukraine bar rack. The organizers of the action now received an official confirmation — a certificate on the establishment of the record of Ukraine.


It took several hours, a bit of physical work and 10,000 cans of “NON STOP” to make a record. More cans bartenders used only for making branded cocktails “For citizens of Dnipro” — you could taste it every evening or just have a glass of special non-alcohol cocktails during the day.

To celebrate the Day of Dnipro City properly, you definitely needed a lot of energy. Therefore, during September 9-10, bartenders worked non-stop at the “live” bar rack: filled up all the glasses with energy drinks, entertained the crowd with a fantastic barman show. At the apogee of the celebration, we gave nine packs of NON STOP drinks to random bar “customers”. The winners received their gifts immediately, and we now got the official certificate for “The largest bar rack of cans of energy drinks” in Ukraine.

New records are not far away — we definitely got the energy for new accomplishments!