Energy and refreshment: NON STOP energy drinks and low-alcohol KING’S BRIDGE cocktails to be sold soon in Croatian supermarkets Trgovina Krk


Low-alcohol KING’S BRIDGE drinks and NON STOP energy drinks will be available in the Croatian retail chain Trgovina Krk in August.

Trgovina Krk has an extensive network comprising more than 400 sales outlets. It is a member of the country’s leading purchasing group, “Narodni tržani lanac” (National Market Networks)

The Croatian market is dynamic, and energy and low-alcohol beverages are very popular among Croatians. Therefore, the strategic partnership of New Products Group, which produces NON STOP and KING’S BRIDGE drinks, has great prospects, and we believe that soon we will win the hearts of Croatian consumers.

As you know, NON STOP is a brand of soft energy drinks. Unlike other energy drinks, our drinks boast increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with a vitamin complex (C, B5, B6, B9, PP). This unique composition provides prompt surge of energy and increases physical and mental activity.

KING’S BRIDGE brand presents low-alcohol cocktails containing natural juice and “King’s Bridge Gin” bitter. This refreshing drink has bright juniper taste typical for gin.