Edible packging of EatMe bars


EatMe bars with a monkey on the packaging are covered not with the usual glaze, but with thin wafer paper. There are several types of edible paper, but most of them contain sugar. New Products Group has chosen for EatMe the thinnest wafer absolutely without sugar. Tear off the wrapper – and enjoy a useful snack! This is an excellent choice for those who live in a fast urban rhythm and take care of themselves and their relatives.


However, when bars have gone on sale, it has turned out that edible paper was too unexpected and unusual decision. Most of the buyers tried to take off the waffle paper. Although on the main wrapper it was written that the paper is edible, unless you will study packaging, when you want to eat?

This misunderstanding was the push for the brand’s new communication with customers. To ensure that they do not attempt to remove the wafer wrapper from the bar, New Products Group has produced bright aystophers: printed materials about the product that have been installed in stores. In addition to the image and the slogan “Treat yourself a bar in an edible waffle!” on the aystophers  is printed an QR code. After reading this code, the buyer sees a specially shot short video about edible waffle paper on the EatMe bar.

The eye-stoppers have already gone to supermarkets, they will be installed in all our outlets, where we sell the product. In addition, soon will be another funny video about edible waffle paper, it will be addressed to users of social networks.