EatMe Brand Supported Participants of the Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon


VIIth Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon took place in the capital on October, 9. Some delicious and healthy presents were there at the finish line, so that participants could enjoy fruit-and-nut candy bars from EatMeTM. This brand actually supported the autumn run in Kyiv.  

«Despite the heavy fall rain, the Marathon was cheerful and spectacular. At last Ukrainians are at the healthy and active life. EatMeTM is eager to join this movement, becoming the partner of Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. We’re hopeful that our nutritious fruit-and-nut snacks helped sportsmen to refresh themselves quickly after the run», says Elena Selyutyna, the PR-Manager of the New Products Group.

More than 6600 participants from 50 countries, including distant Australia, Korea and Japan covered distances for adults (42 km 195 m; 21 km 97 m; 10 km; 5 km; 2 km) and for children (1 km; 500 m and 100 m). The Marathon run itself, which is 42 km 195 m, have won: Yuliya Bayramova, the 30-year-old sportswoman from the Ukrainian Deaflympic Team (for the hearing impaired people) and Oleh Leschynyn from Lviv who dreams of participating the Paralympic Games (his arm was amputated).

Winners of the run obtained both congratulations and presents. The total prize fund of the Marathon equaled to 78 000 hryvnyas. A lot of interesting events for the participants, such as competitions, exhibitions and charity actions were also held during the sports fest.