EatMe bars are approved by Ukrainian Dietetic Association


EatMe fruit-and-nut bars passed an expert evaluation by the Ukrainian Dietetic Association and earned the right to use the mark “Approved by Ukrainian Dietetic Association”, being a recognized component of a healthy diet.

“Even taking into account the fact that the usefulness of EatMe snacks has already been confirmed by the conclusion of the State sanitary-epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and we have a certificate showing that our bars comply with all the safety criteria of food products and they can be given even to children from three years old, we were still looking forward to hear the results of the examination by the Dietetic Association. Positive evaluation by this prestigious association has proved once again that EatMe products have exceptional quality and that we care for the health of our consumers”, Victoria Papazova, marketing director of New Products group, comments on the news.

The expert conclusions of the Ukrainian Dietetic Association that New Products Group received on July 25, 2016, state that EatMe bars have low percentage of free sugar and a significant amount of fiber, and with that, these snacks are moderately caloric (from 386 to 478 kcal per 100 g). This allows to consider them a healthy snack option.

The expert conclusions of the Ukrainian Dietetic Association were based on the study of recipes of the bars and analysis of the results of the laboratory tests of samples conducted by the state enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart”.