EatMe bars are a nutritious snack for Fitness Geek Camp participants


Heels or toes: what is the best way to run? Should you eat before running or not? What kind of EatMe bars is better for training? These and other fitness topics professional trainers will discuss at Fitness Geek Camp, supported by New Products Group.

From May 11 to May 15 the monthly Fitness Geek Camp will be held at the country hotel and restaurant complex Verholy Relax Park. This exact one is going to be a Marathon Edition Camp. The 42 km race is not on the program, but trainers are going to teach participants to cover distances of 3 and 10 km. Even if you are not a runner at all.

Running For Beginners is a key theme of this camp: running coaches will tell everything about the foot movement, breathing techniques and nutrition. Yoga instructors will teach how to warm the muscles up before running and relax them after workouts. Fitness trainers will do full-body workouts to tone every inch of a body. And New Products Group will provide sufficient quality EatMe bars, so that participants can have all-natural energy for endurance trainings.

Although during Fitness Geek Camp Marathon Edition, there will be a lecture about benefits of these 30-gram healthy snacks and their importance during workouts. New Products Group will also give one ticket to the next Fitness Geek Camp for the best selfie with EatMe bars posted on Instagram.