Eatme™ and invite office workers to pedal for their company


On June 11, EatMe™ and started a joint project – a competition of corporate teams. No matter how busy you are on a work-day afternoon, it is important not to forget about physical activity and healthy snacks, because they help maintain the speed and clarity of thinking. Therefore, the #fEatMe event will test the corporate spirit of Ukrainian companies.

A promo-zone with an exercise bike from the studio KRUTI PEDALI will be set up in the lobbies of the participating offices. Any employee will be able to pedal for their company, and for every kilometer they will get a tasty and nutritious bar of EatMe™. The more kilometers the company will “pedal” for the day of the event, the more bonuses it will have in its account. The winner will be the team who completes the most kilometers on a stationary bike before 18:00. Tasty prizes have already been prepared for the winners.

More than half of working Ukrainians work in offices, while according to the data of the HR portal hh, nine out of ten “white-collar workers” do not have time to have lunch. Maybe a job well-done brings enough satisfaction, but it does not help to keep the mind clear and creative. Therefore, EatMe™ and decided to remind companies: a healthy body means healthy corporate spirit, and nobody is too busy to not take breaks.