Two Days of Fierce Fight: PIT BULL Became the Energy Partner of the Gladiator Challenge Moldova in Chisinau



On October 28–29, Chisinau hosted a grand show – Gladiator Challenge Moldova, and inspiring PIT BULL was an energy-boosting partner of this large-scale event.

We believe that our energy drink fans are keen on the events that charge with drive and energy, the same as PIT BULL does. Besides, such offline events develop strong emotional bond with our target audience.

So, during these two days, hundreds of the strongest people of Moldova, young women and men, champions in various sports and amateurs, were fighting tooth and nail to get the prize money. They surmounted obstacles, lifted heavy weights, and took part in other tournaments, during which they proved to be true gladiators. The winner, Valeriu Derevenciuc, got a coveted prize of 100 000 lei!

PIT BULL energized the audience so that they could cheer for their favourites as hard and emotional as possible!

Apart from the offline audience, thousands of online viewers watched the contest. We are positive that Gladiator Challenge Moldova will expand our PIT BULL’s fan club. As for our future plans, New Products Group is going to make some exciting integrations in other countries of the world soon.