Drink of the Winners. Green Energy™ rewarded the best lighting design at Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2018


The most creative and freedom-loving Ukrainian brand Green Energy™ supported the project Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of, which lasted from July to September of this year. The award ceremony for the most talented specialists in their field was held on October 24 at the Carbon art-residence at Kyiv Exhibition. The event took place within the framework of Ukrainian Creative Week.

More than a hundred diverse specialists took part in the national competition: graphic, television, digital designers, as well as designers of environments, industrial objects, textiles, packaging, and so on. The finalist in the Environmental Design nomination was Dmitry Andrushchenko, who took part in designing the stage for the performance of the German artist Christian Löffler and the British artist Koreless this year in Kyiv.

The musicians, known for their atmospheric dance shows and a special style that combines house, ambient, jazz and indie pop, came to Ukraine on May 12. They chose a soundstage on Vernadsky Blvd as the venue for their large-scale party. The concept of the stage design by Dmitry Andrushchenko was buit on unique placement of lighting equipment and LED screens, which made it possible to decorate the space in a modern minimalist aesthetic and emotionally enhance the effect of the music. The result of this painstaking work was positively received by both the performers and the audience.

Green Energy™ congratulated the designer on the victory and awarded 100 cans of the energy drink to support his creative process. A gift certificate in the shape of a cannabis leaf symbolizes the revelation of all facets of an extraordinary personality, freshness of ideas and creative freedom. As for the drink, this product with cannabis seed extract maximally contributes to these processes, as it is rich in ingredients that are very healthy and safe, that provide energy, improve mood, increase concentration and efficiency.

“Green Energy™ is always on the side of bold and independent creative personalities, and it’s very nice when such bright individuals get public recognition in professional circles. We decided to encourage the winner to accept new challenges, presenting him with 100 cans of the drink, which will help him easily access his most interesting ideas and realize them to the best possible result. We wish Dmitry to move towards his goals unceasingly, regardless of any established patterns, and may the taste of Green Energy™ remind him of the taste of inevitable victory every time!”, comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.